Simple Monero Miner – Coin Hive


This plugin allows you to earn money alternatively by mining monero on visitors CPU. you can control the throttle(efficiency) of your users cpu, hence 100% usage(draining) is overriden.


  • Mine on Users CPU.
  • Widgets to show users about mining, and give control to increase, reduce, stop.
  • Top/Bottom Bar, Notification Popup to show users about mining (Refer Screenshots).
  • Visual Control options for all visual aspects like text, color, etc.
  • statistics for total hashes, hashes running per seconds, total pending monero to payout.
  • Block for Mobile Option.

Creating Public Key From Coin Hive

Watch this tutorial to get public key from your coin hive account easily.

  1. To create public key, signup –
  2. Go to, then copy the Site Key (public) value and paste it into plugin input field.

Notifying Users

  • Run Invisible
  • Top/Bottom Bar
  • Notification Popup(top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right)
  • Widget
  • Shortcode

Except Run Invisible, all methods used to notify users about mining.

Mining Informations

  • Popup/Bar Position
  • Title
  • Description
  • Text Color
  • Container Color
  • Button Text Color
  • Background Color
  • Time to hide the Mining Info box(in seconds)
  • show only for first session
  • Hashes Texts
  • Hide Hashes Controls or Informations

Mining changes by users(stop/start, show only for first session) are stored in cookie, which used when user return to our website to give best experience.