Simple Miner Tweaks

Here’s How It Works

Step One:
First Install SMMCH Plugin(Simple Monero Miner – Coin Hive)

Step Two:
Then you will see link to install Simple Miner Tweaks Extension

Step Three:
Configure Both Plugins as mentioned below and watch Monero Grow

Tutorial for Simple Miner Tweaks

1. Install Simple Monero Miner Coin Hive Plugin – Click Here

Simple Monero Miner Plugin

2. Click ‘Simple Monero Miner’ under Settings and SKIP the Quick Setup Guide.

Monero Miner WordPress Settings

3. On Top you will see notice to install the ‘Simple Miner Tweaks’ extension, also Banner ad to install extensions on miner settings page.

Monero Miner Extensions

4. Click Begin Install Plugin and On Install Plugins page click on Install

Install Monero Miner WordPress

5. Now Plugin is installed and activated, as already obfuscated script file is uploaded with plugin, you should now see your website running without coinhive script, but from your local scripts

6. To refresh scripts whenever needed, Click on ‘Update Coinhive Scripts’ and to complete with obfuscation click ‘Click here to complete’ after few seconds when it appears

Self hosting Coin Hive Script

7. Now you should be running site with coinhive script bypassing all the filters on the market. Enjoy the Earnings!!!

bypass antivirus and adblockers