Pop Tab Miner

Introducing Pop Tab Miner For WordPress

ONE CLICK is all you need to earn endless Money

Proven Method, where I earn $10+ dollars daily using just my NEW Trafficless Website.

Here’s How It Works

Step One:
Install our plugin & Configure settings

Step Two:
Let Visitors click your website

Step Three:
Watch the Monero Money Grow

Plugin Features

Silent Mining

Executable without disturbing users and earns monero

PopTab URL

URL of any of your page to load in poptab

PopTab Timing

Fix when the poptab have to close

PopTab Size

Size of the poptab – short/long

PopTab Position

Position of the poptab – topleft,topright,bottomleft,bottomright


  • 100% easy, anyone can start earning
  • ZERO Experience required
  • Only website with decent traffic required
  • No need to sell or market any products
  • Start earning immediately…..And I mean immediately!
  • Suitable for ANY Niche

Why should I invest in Monero?

Monero, one of the top cryptocurrency in the world specialized and named for privacy, security, untraceability and only unlimited coin in the cryptocurrency world can be mined with most profitability by time with just using the normal CPU.

Currently One Monero Coin is worth of $289.

Which was $100 before two months. Yes it’s a pure investment without any financial risk.


Yes, I spelled it wrong.
But it’s a year for monero, watch it grow to $1000 or just get access to install this plugin and earn monero. Don’t Leave the Train!!!

But How can a Mining run even if they close the website?

Yes, if visitors close your websites then your mining process on their system will get stop. But Not with our Pop Tab Miner Plugin.

Pop Tab Miner Average Earnings

1000 visitors/day = 1 – 2.75 XMR per month


than any other Miner Service on the Market
Think If you have 10000 visitors per day


We Provide Life Time Support via email. (Ask Us Any Questions)

Some FAQ for Newbies!!!