Monero – Private Digital Currency

Secure, Private, Untraceable, Fungible

What is Monero Mining?

Our WordPress based plugin allows users to mine Monero from the comfort of their homes with ZERO financial investment!

How it Works?

This plugin allows you to earn money alternatively by mining monero on visitors CPU. you can control the throttle(efficiency) of your users cpu, hence 100% usage(draining) is overriden.

It’s that simple!

Start mining the fastest-growing cryptocurrency now!

Why Monero Mining?

It validates transactions

Mining is a form of processing the network transactions to validate and confirm the payment. Monero Miner uses proof-of-work algorithm to validation transactions.

It rewards the miners

Mining allows the users to earn cryptocurrency while removing the risk of investment money. The miners will mine the monero coins themselves and store it in their wallet. This makes monero mining a safe option

Monero’s constant growth

Monero was the fastest growing altcoin in 2017. As of now a single monero is worth $450 and its constant rise makes it a sure bet when it comes to cryptocurrency investment.

Type of Websites:

streaming websites

content websites

gaming websites

Wherever users spends lot of time, its best to remove ads and run mining.

Ad Alternative:

Google Adsense Blocked You?
Adblock Blocked Your Ads? (Globally its 50% loss, because of adblockers)
Add this plugin as a alternative to ads and earn!!!

Remember, you are not only earning!!! You are investing without any financial risks!!!